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Number 4: Ceefax Page 340 – RIP Ceefax

December 18, 2013

Page 340.  We all miss page 340.  Waiting for the scores to update – following a Test match from some far flung location by staring at a flickering screen of text. Pressing hold when it got to the page you wanted. Waiting impatiently for it to flick to the scorecard from the county championship match you are interested in only for it to flick to the sodding Essex match in Ilford that you don’t care about and having to go through the whole cycle of first-class matches to get back to the Middlesex or Yorkshire ones (the only ones I was interested in). 

Then there were the times when Ceefax made mistakes with players names rendering you wondering who the frock K Sutch was (K P Dutch in fact) and with no internet to check things it was an entirely random, frustrating but wonderful experience. 


It’s gone now but you can still get a bit nostalgic and relive the ceefax memories with this wonderful site


October 21, 2010

to  a shiny new website.   This one will be redundant from henceforth.   You can find all things LegSideLizzy at


See you over there



The IPL mess

October 11, 2010

The news that the new BCCI have terminated the IPL franchise contracts of the Rajistan Royals and the Pubjab Kings XI came as a bit of a shock to everyone who follows the movings of the IPL.   The Kochi franchise have also been “put on notice” given 10 days to get their shit together.

On the one hand, this is a bold move to try and clean up the IPL which has been tainted with the shit of all things Modi.  Despite claims from the BCCI that the two franchises were terminated because of irregularities over accounting and ownership matters (which there is evidence to support),  it does seem that the BCCI and Srinivasan in particular are just trying to eradicate anything or anyone with any connection to Modi.    This may not be a bad thing, there was a distinctly corrupt stench about the IPL with Modi in charge.

On the other hand, have we just moved to a equally dictatorial, autrocractic and random system?   The BCCI have not handled this very well.  They terminated the contracts with Royals and Kings with no notice and no discussions or negotiations.  Whereas they have given Kochi some time to sort themselves out.

There have been some staggering allegations today which highlight the autocratic, undemocratic and arrogant nature of the new BCCI although they are denying them.  They related to some alleged SMSs sent from the BCCI’s secretary  N Srinivasan, (who is also co-owner of the Chennai Super Kings franchise)

The first, sent from his cellphone to one particular franchise, reads:

“As we have been saying. Please align yourself with us. Or everyone will get the same taste of the medicine we have given today to RR and Kxip. Owners should not think they are above the Bcci”

The follow up message, sent to the same franchise, reads:

“You should be happy we allow you to participate. We know how to clip your wings. President and I have decided we will run the IPL the way we want to and after all its our property. You can either be a part of it or we can find a way for you to get out. We will throw Lalit Modi and anyone attached with him. So best avoid talking to him.”

The franchise in question (unnamed) has been sharing this communication with others; the other IPL franchise owners  are understood to be putting their heads together to figure out a common response to the latest dictats from the BCCI.  I think we’re all expecting there to be a lot more news over the coming days and weeks followed by some hefty law suits from all directions.

In a reaction to this story, the BCCI has said the messages were not sent with N Srinivasan’s knowledge.  BCCI’s Chief Administrative Officer  said, “The Board would like to clarify that no such messages have been sent from his mobile. This is clearly a case of foul play, and complaints to that effect are being lodged with the concerned Mobile phone service, and the Police, for immediate action.”

Now, of course, this is probably the sort of thing that Modi would try to do, whether he has the technological capability from his hiding place to get proxy text messages sent from someone else’s mobile is pretty questionable.

What does all this mean for the IPL?

We’ve been told that the format for IPL4 will be based on 8 teams.  If the Kochi franchise meet the BCCI requirements then there will be no opportunity for bids from new franchises.   The competition will contain 8 teams and therefore a reduced number of matches.   All of the business plans and broadcasting contracts were based on a 10 team, 94 match tournament.

The broadcast rights owner (Sony) were due to be paying a higher amount for IPL4 but surely they won’t want to if there are to be many less matches?

The existing franchises will also be less than happy with the reduced format as they will receive far less revenue but will still have whacking wage and auction bills.

There is also the issue that Indian courts are currently considering a case which challenges the BCCI change in constitution which allowed for Srinivasan to be the Secretary whilst still being the owner of an IPL franchise (Chennai Superkings).  A conflict of interests of almost staggering proportion.

The Indian court will make its ruling sometime soon but have made some early comments that would have made you or I almost certainly consider resignation.   The BCCI think that the position is entirely fine because Srinivasan asked permission before he bid for the CSK franchise.   Oh well that’s alright then.

You can’t help but feel we’ve just moved from a Modi mess to a different type of farce.

The IPL could and can be a real force for promotion of the sport but not if it is perpetually plagued by off-field stories about the farcical nature of its administration.

Bangalore: Day 3

October 11, 2010

Comfortbaly India’s day ending 435 – 5.

The Great One shows us why he is The Great One – scoring his 49tn test century.

I am more and more impressed with Murali Vijay – he is a slightly silent assassin, doesn’t get all the accolades and respect that Tendulkar, Dravid or Laxman do but he has the range of shots, precise ball placement and grit and determination.

It took Australia till mid-afternoon before they made a breakthrough and Ponting’s bowling attack looks insipid on a pitch like this.   It’s almost impossible to see where they’ll get the necessary 15 wickest to win from.

This test is looking more and more like a draw which will hit my Cricketbetlive account and more importantly mean the test fizzles out into something less than exciting.  An anti-climax after the drama of Mohali.



Quack Quack

October 11, 2010

The word duck makes every cricketer shudder but it will make Andrew Macdonald shudder even more after today.

This sort of story is a blogger’s heaven,  please can we have more of this stuff.

Mcdonald is currently playing for Victoria in Shield match at the WACA.

Macdonald and colleague Aaron Finch had been taking a walk in Perth before the start of play and ventured too near to some ducklings.  The father Duck took umbridge (as you would) and attacked Macdonald climbing onto his back and pecking away at his head.    Aaron Finch squealed and legged it in the other direction.

It an almost poetic way,  Macdonald then went on to make an impressive 163 off 116 in front of Aussie selector David Boon contributing to Victoria’s mahoosive first innings score of 529.

As an aside, I need to learn more about Shield cricket and cricketers.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Maybe I’ll just have to stop sleeping.   Sleep when you’re dead I say.

Bangalore Test: Day 2

October 10, 2010

Another good day of test cricket in front of a pretty packed Chinaswammy.

The day ended with India 128-2 in reply to Australia’s 478 ao

On a docile pitch, the Indian bowlers bowled erm well OK is about the only way I can describe it.  Marcus North (yes mr walking wicket himself) has, to the delight of most Englishmen, pretty much secured his Ashes place with a determined innings of 128.

The Indian team are clearly not morning people.  I can’t blame them – mornings are evil.   A particularly rubbish display of fielding this morning not helped by the fielders being put in the wrong places in the first place.

Extras played a blinder today.  Class Act that man.

On a pitch this docile, it’s hard to see where or how Straya are going to take the 18 wickets they need to win and draw the series but there is a weather factor,  it has been precipitating large in Bangalore this evening.

Today was our first opportunity to see debutant Peter George in action.  He bowled 5 overs of what, if I were being kind, would be described as nervy (for nervy read filth).  With ears that big, the lad needs to make sure the wind is behind him when he bowls.

Tendulkar and Vijay moved themselves pretty easily into a 90 partnership with Tendulkar reaching 14,000 Test runs in the process and some truly wonderful Blue Peter style banners in the crowd.

Two biggest mysteries of the day:  1) Dhoni’s field placings 2) Rahul Dravid’s shot to get out.

Tomorrow could be another thrilling day of test cricket or it could be yawnfest if the pitch does nothing and Vijay and The Great One continue not to be really troubled by the Australian attack.  Get either one of them out early and it’s a whole different ball game, the Indian middle order is a bit brittle and there’s no VVS to do what he does.

If I were them  I’d try and bowl some short stuff to them early doors,  ****cliche alert**** they don’t like it up ’em.

And, as if you could forget, it will all be covered live and unexclusive on

Bangalore: Day 1

October 9, 2010

A good pitch and a good crowd.  The makings of a great test match despite some key players being missing (Bollinger, Sharma, Laxman and Ghambir).

Both sides will be reasonably happy with where they are at the end of the day.

Bad light stopped play before 5pm local time with the Aussies on 285/5.  This could and probably should have been less but the baggy greens were gifted a heap of gimme singles that had Dhoni got his cricketing head on and placed his field more sensibly would have been avoided.

It pains me, it pains me greatly but Shane Watson is some serious nick and is starting to look like a confident, classy batsman.  I (and a few others) have an irrational dislike of all things Watson but he is certainly looking like one of the danger men going into The Ashes.

Ponting hasn’t faired well in his career in India although of all the Indian pitches, Bangalore is the one he’s liked the most – going into this match he averaged over 50 on this pitch and added a further 77 to the tally today.  He’ll be disappointed that a momentary lapse in concentration and a close call from Bowden saw him falling LBW to a ball just judged to be clipping leg stump.

Punter came out to boos from the crowd and left to more boos.   Seems harsh to me – I know he’s a miserable, impersonable bugger but he was very gracious in defeat after Mohali and hasn’t (as far as I know) said anything twat-like since then.  This is likely to be his last test match in India and for my money, the crowd should appreciate how much he has brought to the game.

Harbajhan was the pick of the bowlers although none of them looked particularly threatening.  Sreesanth in particular looked woeful.  Raina snared the key wicker of Ponting as it looked as though he may get his head down and beat his Indian demons – although his wicket was  more down to Bowden and his  own head than the ball itself.

Marcus North is a man under real pressure, he’s been labelled the walking wicket and there are calls left, right and centre for him to be dropped.   The bookies placed his run line and under or over 25.5 – the lowest I can recall seeing for a “proper” batsmen and we were all falling overselves to go under that run line.  Well, he rather shoved us all back in our box as he moved his way to 43* before they were brought off.

Umpires Bowden and Gould have become something of a joke (Bowden more than Gould) in this series with more ridiculousness from both of them today.   Two appeals, two wickets – no sight of a finger in the air for either of them just a nod.  That’s not the deal dudes, you stick your finger up even if it is crooked.

So almost honours even-ish at the end of Day 1.  The bookies are still favouring a draw – I’m beginning to question this.  Both batting line ups can be as brittle as Highland Toffee although each side has a slightly weakened bowling attack.

Bring on day 2…… and don’t forget you can hear commentary of every ball live on